The Obsession With Hugh Laurie

images (25)Did I say obsessed? I meant infatuated. No, no….actually both.

But I digress.

Beginning in 2004 (In America anyway), the world was introduced to a cruel, rude, Vicodin-addicted sociopath doctor (so basically, Florida healthcare) who treated his patients like crap and his colleagues even worse. Yet, we Yanks, as well as the rest of the world wanted to know about the handsome, seemingly charming actor who we were kind of sure may have been Stuart Little’s dad.

He was, FYI.

He was, FYI.

He also stole puppies, which left me very conflicted.

He also stole puppies, which left me very conflicted.

The very first time I laid eyes on him was, like many of us, when he appeared in that episode of “Friends”, where he is the passenger sitting next to Rachel that tells her how moronic she is for trying to stop Ross’s wedding.

I would have dumped Ross for you in a nanosecond. Just sayin'.

I would have dumped Ross for you in a nanosecond. Just sayin’.

I was not yet an adult, but I knew what I liked even then and him? Yes, I liked A LOT. Many of you will no doubt agree with me. I wondered then if I would ever see him again, which happily, I did, but a girl would have to wonder: Do I only like him as an actor or would there be other things about him I would love a prospective mate to be (apologies to my husband here, I love you)? There would be and I would like to share some things with you so that I’m not the only girl who goes gaga at the sight of him (I know I’m not, but still).

Small caveat: I would have loved to write a much longer and informative article with many more pictures and videos than I’ve posted, but the site I use currently does not allow me to go as fangirl as I would like to. So please, keep this in mind if it seems that I’ve forgotten something or tragically left something out. More than likely, I did not mean it, I just don’t have the funds to upgrade my site at this moment. So with that in mind here is why I think so many of us are obsessed with this sexy, sexy Brit.

The Man Can Act

This seems to be an obvious statement since that is what he is primarily known for, but he didn’t just dip his toe into one specific acting method. He dived head first into anything and everything he felt like doing. Except porn. He’s much too classy and respectable for that and if he ever had, you’d better believe I’d have a videotape stashed behind a wall in my attic (I have kids after all).

Still crossing my fingers though.

Still crossing my fingers though.

He began his acting career in theater, as good actors are wont to do, where he worked with Emma Thompson and where he met his future comedy partner, Stephen Fry. They mainly did comedy sketches and Hugh was also at one point the president of the Cambridge Footlights.

Did that sound too Wikipedia-ish? Nah.

Did that sound too Wikipedia-ish? Nah.

He started doing his sketches with Fry around 1980 and immediately became loved for his comedic stylings and great timing. The man was hilarious, is what I’m saying.



Eventually, he tried his hand in dramatic roles and showed just how talented he truly is. He writes a lot of his own material, has been in a few music videos, has done voice work and also directs, evidently because the first thing he asks himself every morning when he looks in the mirror is “how can I out awesome myself today?”.

You know he's never going to stop nailing it right?

You know he’s never going to stop nailing it right?

Believe it or not, he can sing too (because of course he can)images (20)

Every single female out there dreams about having a beautiful man with an incredible voice serenade her or at least sing that way around the house. Do you like Blues music sung in a smooth, dulcet tone with a hint of raspiness and a lot of attitude? You don’t? Really? Hate to tell you but you landed on the wrong blog post my friend.

Let me clarify.

You’re welcome. Oh, ladies, please refrain from throwing your panties until after this post. Thanks.

His primary genre is Blues, but he is also known for his comedic songs, which I highly appreciate because I am a goofy girl who finds everything funny, loves laughing and respect sarcasm, cleverness and insanity.

So profound. This song speaks to me.

Whatever music he decides to play, be it Blues, comedy or Psychobilly Punk Dubstep (I wept typing that because I think the way things are going, this will be a thing someday) it won’t matter because you, Hugh Laurie, will ALWAYS  be on my playlist.



The rest of him is impeccable as well

He’s an incredible husband, a loving father, humanitarian and all around world dominating hero……

Wait, I got away from myself for a moment there, I’m sorry. As a token of my sincerest apologies, I will put up the best “House” image I could possibly find. Plus, I feel like if I don’t, it may incite a riot.

I never said it wouldn't be a mind blowingly funny one!

I never said it wouldn’t be a mind-blowingly funny one!

Again, I would post more but alas, virtual space temporarily eludes me although you should see where my pictures are stored. On the other hand, don’t because if anything were to ever happen to him I could easily be accused of stalking him based just on my Google searches. Until we meet again, fellow Insomniacs, thanks for making it this far with me!

And on that note….

It was a matter of time.

It was a matter of time really.


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