“BRING ME DINNER!” 10 of Hugh Laurie’s funniest quotes

There is something to be said about the old adage, “laughter is the best medicine”. How wonderful is it when you feel down in the heap and something you see or hear makes you laugh uncontrollably? It’s a liberating feeling made all the better when it is a good friend who’s making you temporarily forget your troubles.

So what do you do when you realize that all your friends SUCK?! Well, we still have our beloved celebrities we can turn to in our time of woes.

A few months ago, I took it upon myself to start a Facebook fan page for one of my all time favorite performers, Hugh Laurie. I decided to tie the group to this blog by having a section devoted to articles written about him. The new section will be titled “W.W.o.H.L”, the initials for “The Wonderous World of Hugh Laurie” since I’m lazy and don’t always want to write so much (its so much WOOOOOOOOORK, lol).

I’m also having fun with Photoshop, so this article won’t be an article as much as it will be a bunch of cool pictures I worked hard on using ten of Hugh’s funniest quotes. He never fails to make me smile or laugh uproariously and I hope you agree with me by the end, which I’m sure you will. Enjoy my newest blog post my fellow “Hughmaniacs” as well as my incredible “Insomniacs”.

The Curious Insomniac is back home!!!



HL Article 1 with watermark

#10. Come on, really, how much can you REALLY bench press? Don’t lie!




HL Article 2 with watermark

#9. Okay, so how tiny is this damn camel???


HL Article 3 with watermark

#8….And the crew from “HOUSE” were neither seen nor heard from again….



HL Article 4 with watermark

#7. If Californians knew how to read backwards, they may not appreciate “Spray Man” as much as they used to.


HL Article 5 with watermark

#6. I would rather enjoy hearing this tale of how you end up in a wheelchair from falling off a bike as a TEENAGER!!!


HL Article 8 with watermark

#5. You also need to remember the 500 page addendums that come out every 10 years.


HL Article 9 with watermark

#4. I will follow you to any and every drinking party you can get me in! This is a drinking GOD!



HL Article7 with watermark

#3. BRING HIM HIS DINNER JEEVES! Get your act together!


HL Article 10 with watermark

#2. Dolce & Gabbana are currently working on their new line of speech swag.


PicMonkey Image

#1. And if all else fails….HAWAIIAN SHIRTS BABY!

Moral of the story is that laughing should be a world sport. There’s NOTHING a good guffaw can’t fix and you need to find that laughter where you can. Hugh, never stop being you.  

Members of WWoHL and my Insomniacs, I hope you enjoyed this 1st article for the dedicated section. Please leave me a comment and share any articles you enjoy with others. Those actions are what keep my blog popular.

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As always, thanks for making it with me this far my fellow Insomniacs! Hope to meet new ones soon!











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