5 disturbing websites from the deep web

*To all my readers:

This article contains sickening details about real people. If you scare or get sick easily, maybe you shouldn’t  read any further. Please do not try to venture into the darkness, but if you do, be careful and please know what you’re doing. Also, be warned that you will probably see some disturbing images and read some sick things. If after you read this, you would like to see more, let me know.


When we normal folk go online, it’s usually to check our social media accounts and look at pictures of cute cats. The majority of us assume that the internet we see on a daily basis is all there is to explore.



“Awwwwww, looky the cute kitty playing with that toy”!



The majority of us would be wrong.



“Wait, what is that guy doing with the chainsaw? Kitty, NOOOOOO”!!!


What we’re seeing on a daily basis is what is called “the surface web”, these are all sites that have been catalogued, monitored and can be found easily on Google and other search engines.Deep Web Iceburg

Our internet only makes up a small fracture of what is really out there. Imagine an iceberg. There is the tip of it that can be seen above water. That would be the surface web but if you look underneath, you would see a huge chunk of ice, bigger than the tip. This, dear readers is what is called The Dark Web, Deep Web or even the Dank Web.This is a place where sites are not monitored and are anonymous. It is here where the darkest, scariest, immoral and outright disturbed people reside. You thought that you saw crazy on the surface web? Hate to break it to you, but that would be further from the truth.


Deep_Web_tor_Internet_oculta_onion_imágenes_recorrido (21)

Try your luck I guess.


Now let me be honest here and say that I have NOT been to the dark web as of yet. If you don’t have the proper browser (you would need a TOR browser) and don’t know what you are doing, you open yourself to forcefully downloaded viruses and depending on what you do there, get easily and maliciously harassed since hackers there can find all your personal information and threaten you with your life if need be. Perhaps I will venture there one day but for now, Any information I’ve collected has been through research and watching YouTube videos of others exploring.

I, unfortunately, have seen many horrendous things on these sites. It baffles me how so may people can be so strange or sadistic. Then again, our population is in the billions, so some of us are bound to be more messed up than others.



Oh, you know you were thinking it!


The sites I’m about to show you are some of the tamest ones I could find. This was done because I don’t want to offend or make anyone ill afterwards but these sites are still pretty messed up, so this should tell you how disgusting the other ones are if these are considered “tame”.


#Pink Meth

Pink Meth 2

Have you ever been in a relationship but after a while you realise that you’ve made a terrible mistake? Naturally, you’ll just break up and move on with your life, right? Well, have you thought about the fact that your ex may not be on the same page as you? Maybe he would want to extract revenge for you breaking his widdle heart by making your life a living hell? Unfortunately, there are places in the dark web where he can do just that.


Angry Nerd 320x_03_11_14_06_13_09

I’ll show YOU beeyotch!


Pink Meth is a site on the deep, dark web where someone (*cough* hackers *cough) can , through your IP address, extract as much personal information as possible. This includes name, address, phone numbers, family members, etc. and even remotely turn on your webcam to get compromising photos of you. If you sent your former flame any private pics, rest assured that they will end up on the site as well. Once up, it stays that way until you or a family member pays a “fee”. Only upon receipt of payment will your profile be removed. If you don’t pay, your name stays on the site for anyone to peruse and do who knows what with the information. Is it f***ed up? Oh, yeah. Does it always happen? You better believe it does.

Pink Meth

The “Revenge Porn” site was created by a man (duh) who goes by the pseudonym Olauda Equiano and he was sued by a victim for $1,000,000 due to mental anguish she experienced from having nude photos of her leaked for all to see. Good for her!

#4 Dox Bin

Dox Bin 2

Since we’re talking about leaked private information that can hurt a lot of innocent people, let’s talk about Dox Bin. It’s a document sharing and publishing website that invites users to contribute the personal information for anyone they wish. Considered as almost a telephone book for stalkers, Dox Bin can have everything from social security numbers, addresses, names of your family members, your height and weight, even your usernames and passwords for your social media accounts! Anyone can add more information at any time and there is a rumor that if you enter the site yourself, there is a program that will absorb any information you may have on your computer, including credit card information.


Dox Bin

How did they find out about that CD I stole in ’93?!


The site was seized in November of 2014  but was quickly reopened one week later. Currently, the site has been shut down since May 24,2015 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it returned any time in the near future, or if it’s up now under a different name. Only time will tell.

#3 Church of Euthanasia




Are you feeling a bit down or outright hopeless? Have you sought help from your church and they did nothing? Do you wish that there existed a church that would better serve your needs? Well, this may be the church for you!



Thank God I never drank the Kool-Aid.


The Church of Euthanasia. Yes, this exists.





Some of you may be thinking that this was a typo on my part. That a church would never condone something this terrible. Euthanasia means to kill yourself or others. When you take your elderly dog to the vet to “put him to sleep”, that is called euthanasia. So yeah, this is a church that encourages suicide and as I’m typing this, I can already hear the chorus of “WHY”???

The Church of Euthanasia was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1992 by Reverend Chris Korda and pastor Kim (Robert Kimberk). Its a non-profit “educational” foundation devoted to restoring “balance” between humans and the remaining species of Earth.


sad  guy in front of computer

Way to harsh the vibe ‘bro.


It’s most popular slogan is “Save the planet. Kill yourself”. These are people that are actively encouraging others to sacrifice themselves through suicide. Other little nuggets of wisdom include “Six billion people can’t be wrong”and my personal favorite , “Eat a queer fetus for Jesus”.

CoE 3


The church’s reasoning is that humanity is killing the planet by using up all of nature’s resources and the only way we can save the earth is by killing ourselves to reduce the population which in turn allows the planet to “heal”. I’m all for saving the Earth and everything, but this is pretty extreme. to their credit, the church strongly insists that all suicides are “voluntary”. Well, when you phrase it like that………



Well, if its on the internet, it HAS to be true


There was even a time when the church posted instructions on how to commit suicide using helium and asphyxiation but had to remove it after a 52-year-old woman killed herself by following the instructions. I guess the church didn’t think ahead and realize that most people know how to read.

What I don’t understand is how anyone could preach to us about killing yourself to save the earth. I mean if they believe so strongly in this, why are they still alive? Why haven’t they sacrificed themselves in the name of their church?

Just sayin’.

#2 Cannibal Cafe


Now we’re heading into some sick territory here. Cannibal Cafe is exactly what it sounds like. it’s a site that fellow people eaters can message each other and also put up ads requesting either a victim who wants to be eaten or vice versa.

There is also a section where for the right price, you can purchase “cattle”. No, this isn’t buying a cow, these are page after page with pictures of real women who after being “trained” to be submissive, are sold to disgusting creepers to use as human sex toys and/or be slaughtered for their meat. There are applications you need to sign and it asks such questions such as what sexual positions can she do and whether you’re applying voluntarily or not. So, you can become cattle on your own but if you don’t and someone hates you, that person can sign the application themselves. Sounds shady to me.





You might remember this site because of the famous Armin Miewes case where, searching on the site, he found a willing victim who desired to be consumed. They met each other a few weeks later and there are videos showing the horror. Like when the victim requested Armin to bite off his penis. When Armin was unsuccessful in doing so, he proceeded to cut said penis, then he tried to cook it so they could both eat it together. It didn’t cook properly, so Armin fed it to his dog. The victim swallowed a bottle of  sleeping pills then sat in the bathtub as he bled out. Armin sat in the next room reading Star Trek books and checking in periodically until the victim finally died. The video also shows the aftermath in the room where a the victim’s decapitated body hung on some hooks from the ceiling as Armin proceeded to skin and remove all the meat on the victim. When Armin was finished, he packaged everything and on certain occasions, would make dinner and consumed part of the human meat.



Still a better love story than “Twilight”.


I will happily say that this sicko was caught and will likely spend the rest of his life in prison

I mean……really?……..EEEEWWWW!!!

#1 Daisy’s Destruction


I’m having a really hard time writing this because the victims were just so young. The youngest was 18 months!

This demon named Peter Scully (51), decided to go to the Philippines, where he also met a pair of young girls who were as twisted as he was.



FUCK HIM! no, I’m not censoring myself because, FUCK HIM!


The girls would call unsuspecting children over by offering them food. When the child was close enough, they would kidnap him/her and deliver to Scully where he would begin to torture with whipping, raping and cutting. He would also force each child to dig their own graves and he told them that would be their final resting place when he was done with them. This would go on until the adults became either bored, or the children died. Scully recorded hours of this sickness and actually sold them through an underground porn site called “No Limits Fun”. It is here where there is another video that he made called “Dafu Love”, which is considered to be even more depraved than “Daisy’s Destruction” and there have been reports from people who said that after watching that particular video, they needed to seek profession help. I won’t even describe here what is in that video because its that horrifying. If you’re that curious, look it up yourself. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Now you may be asking yourself why am I writing about this filth when the other pages are very tame by comparison? Because this demonic a**hole was caught and was charged with kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder. His girlfriends are doing time as well. Fortunately, two girls survived, one of them being Daisy herself. But the third girl, said to be twelve years old, did not survive and her bones were found buried beneath the floor of Scully’s kitchen.



May he always drop the soap. Amen.


What else is there to say? There are billions of humans on this planet so some are bound to be depraved and sadistic. It’s all overwhelming to think about what lies in the unknown or all the horrendous crimes that have occurred that we don’t know about because the criminals have gotten away with them.

I hope you liked this article. If you want me to write more on this topic, let me know. I intend to delve into the deep web myself and I’d like to share my adventures with you. Give it a “like” and please share so I can keep motivated to do more.

Thanks for reading fellow Insomniacs, I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, I’m sharing this adorable video of puppies and babies playing together so you can feel better after what we just read through! 

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  1. This was a very intense article but reflects reality, that there are some really sick and twisted people out there. Crazy stuff!


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