Welcome Fellow Insomniacs!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am The Curious Insomniac. I’ve been called crazy, smartass and sarcastic. Instead of being offended, I decided to make a hobby out of it which brings us here. Why did I choose the name Curious Insomniac? First off, I really do suffer from insomnia and the Curious has two meanings. The first meaning a person who wants to know everything, second  meaning is curious as in strange or different. That would be me. the postings will be about different subjects but they all have one thing in common. I write each post with comedy and use my sarcasm to shake things up. This blog is brand new and I hope you like what I write about. I want this to be succesful and you can help make it so. On that note, welcome again and I hope to see you here soon.

The Curious Insomniac


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